Welcome to EC Mall! EC Mall is officially launched, allowing players to enjoy entertainment while earning points!

    EC Mall has a variety of goods or products for you to choose from. Whether it is luxury goods, fashion, electronics, games, etc., You can redeem your ECPOINT points to easily get your favorite items and enjoy the ultimate reward benefits and services!

    Players can get accumulated points from the valid losing bet. Accumulate specific points to exchange or redeem for specific goods.

    1. Add your favorite items to cart.
    2. Click "Check Out" Button.
    3. Login to your Player ID.
    4. Enter your shipping address.
    5. Process Check Out and your items is successful redeem.

    Remark. All items are subject to availability. Goods will be process within 7-14 working days deliver to your doorsteps. We will make our best efforts to inform you as soon as possible if the goods you have redeemed are available or any shipment may caused to be delayed.